Location Based App Maker ロケつく

Basic Features of Location-Based App

Displaying Spots

Spots with certain properties are displayed in 3 ways:
  • MAP: plotted on the map
  • LIST: classifiable up to 3 layers
  • DETAILS: individual spot's information
These three are interactive one another by single-tap operation.
Displaying Spots


Users can do the following for each spot:
  • Check-in
  • SNS posting

Practical Use of Location-Based App

B to C

To narrow down a large number of Spots according to certain criteria and make a list.
  • 1. By region - Sightseeing Guidebook
    local sightseeing guidebook, event map, etc.
  • 2. Companies with many branches - Branch Locator
    franchise chain stores, banks, gas stations, WiFi spots, etc.
  • 3. By category
    café, noodle shop, burger shop, pet-friendly accommodation, disabled friendly restaurant, etc.



Category:Noodle shop





B to B

To indicate a certain location to clients/customers/employees on business
eg, client's office to visit, venue for photo shooting, measurement survey place, locations for a questionnaire survey

Images of Location-Based App

Location Based App Maker provides all the core functionalities to create a location-based app.